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City of Niagara Falls 2016 Course Summary - Rediscover Cycling!!   

Key Slides & Topic Outline                   

One Course – Two options

In Class only 1 hr., add on-bike component for total of 3 hours

In Class for everyone – 1 hr., 35 slides, 9:00am to 10:00a

Break/Questions/Transition to Bikes - 15 min to 10:15am

On Bike group outside for 1.75hrs, 10:15am to noon


9:00am Introduction – 4 slides

Intro & Bike Niagara

City of Niagara Falls

Course contents

Selecting and Buying – In class – 6 slides

What are your goals?

Where will you ride?

Do you want speed or comfort?

Different cyclist types

Selecting a bike


Where should I buy?

Using Your Bike – In Class – 3 slides

First principles of cycling

Factors that affect cycling operation

Drivetrain explained

Using the gears

Safety – In Class – 18 slides

Principles of bicycle safety

Highway Traffic Act

Basic approach to safe cycling

How to ride safely in traffic – urban and rural

    • Cyclist position from the curb
    • Obstructed lanes
    • Narrow lanes
    • Parked vehicles
    • Passing on right
    • Position at intersections
    • Destination Positioning
    • Turns
    • Railway tracks
    • Trucks
    • Off Road Bike Paths
    • Sidewalks
    • Rural Riding Considerations

 Safety Equipment – 4 slides

    • Bike safety equipment by law
    • Helmets
    • Personal equipment & attire
    • Bike check

 10:00am Break/Questions – 1 slide

Transition to Bikes – Parking lot


10:15am Safety Equipment Review

 10:45am Bike Handling Skills  

    • Straight line riding
    • Shoulder checking
    • Signalling
    • Rock dodge
    • Threshold/emergency braking 

Group Riding Skills

 11:15am Group Ride – On bike on local roads ends at noon



Our Rediscover Cycling program offers 3 courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced cyclists. 

(detailed outlines for all three courses at the bottom of this page)

Course 1:  Get Cycling - For Beginners & Re-Starters (classroom)

In this course emphasis is on selecting, buying and efficient use of the ideal bike for you.  Topics discussed include reviewing your cycling goals and where you plan to ride your bike.  Learn about frames, components, pedalling, cadence, using your gears and factors that affect your cycling such as hydration and nourishment. Topics will also include basic bike safety in urban and rural areas, group riding and bike handling skills.  Cyclists of all ages can attend this classroom session, but those under 14 years should be accompanied by an adult. 

Course 2:  On-Road Bike Skills - For Beginner & Intermediate Cyclists (classroom & on-bike)

This course will focus on how to ride safely in traffic, both as individuals and as part of a group.  Topics include . principles of bicycle safety, the Highway Traffic Act, positioning on the roadway, safety equipment, signalling and turns.  Basic factors in how to efficiently use your bike will also be addressed such as gearing, pedaling and cadence, road climbing, turning, descending and braking.  We practice your bike handling skills on bike in a controlled parking lot setting.  Then we finish the session with a group ride to practice the skills that have been taught. 

For this session, you will need to bring your bicycle.  Helmets are mandatory, your bike must fit you properly and be in good working order.  Proper lighting and a bell are legal requirements.  This session is designed for bicyclists who have some experience riding in traffic but want to learn more or upgrade their skills.  Cyclists must be 14 years of age or older.
Course 3:  Cycling Training - For Intermediate & Advanced Cyclists (classroom)
This course is for you if you want to learn to ride further and faster.  Emphasis will be on improving your power and endurance for event training.  We discuss discomfort and energy management, fluids and nutrition.  Learn about Periodization Training, VO2max, lactate threshold, heart rate training zones and creating a training diary. 
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When are sessions offered ? Location ?

Course 1:  Get Cycling - For Beginners & Re-Starters

2.5 hours in the classroom. 
Course 2:  On-Road Bike Skills - For Beginner & Intermediate Cyclists

2.5 hours in the classroom and on the bike.  All attendees must be 14 years or older.
Course 3:  Cycling Training - For Intermediate and Advanced Cyclists

2.5 hours in the classroom.

How do I register ? 

Each Course costs $20 (+HST). 
Additional Reading, Course Materials ? 

Course 1 Materials :

Feel free to download and use our Bike Niagara Guides:

Course 3 Materials :


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