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Ontario Bike Summit

posted May 1, 2017, 5:14 PM by Walt Berg
Bike Niagara members attended this year's Ontario Bike Summit in Toronto.  The following highlights were posted by Share the Road Cycling Coalition, plus and announcement about $50 million for cycling infrastructure.

Share the Road Cycling Coalition
Building a bicycle-friendly Ontario

Share the Road was at Queen’s Park today for the release of Ontario’s 2017 Budget. We are pleased to share with you that the provincial government will be investing $50 million in commuter cycling infrastructure in 2017-18. This investment is being made as part of the Climate Change Action Plan and is a strong statement in support of building safe, accessible, vibrant and green communities.
Earlier this year, Share the Road called on the province to invest $50 million in cycling infrastructure as part of the budget. We made this appeal in partnership with the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Ontario by Bike and the Greenbelt Foundation because we know that we need to invest in safe spaces for people to bike if we want to make Ontario the most bicycle-friendly place in Canada. With 82% of stakeholders identifying “infrastructure funding” as the top priority for cycling in Ontario in our recent survey, we know you agree.
We also received support from 51 municipally elected officials, who submitted a joint letter to the province in April to reiterate the importance of investing in cycling infrastructure. As stated in that letter – investments in cycling infrastructure are investments in safe access to public roads.
This investment will enable people to choose cycling for commutes between residential communities, workplaces and major transit stations by implementing cycling facilities and removing barriers to local cycling networks (p. 95 of 2017 Budget). Since announcing the Climate Change Action Plan in June 2016, the province has been consulting with stakeholders regarding how to effectively invest in cycling. To see Share the Road’s feedback and vision for this investment, click here.
We sincerely look forward to working with the province and with communities across Ontario to help leverage this investment to make a significant impact on cycling safety and greenhouse gas emissions.
Considering this transformative investment alongside the announcements made at the Ontario Bike Summit two weeks ago, April has been a truly impactful month for cycling in Ontario. More updates and resources are in the newsletter below.

- Jamie Stuckless, Executive Director

Ontario Bike Summit Announcements

The 2017 Ontario Bike Summit took place on April 11 and 12th in Toronto. We are thrilled to report another sold out event, with over 280 delegates in attendance. As always, the Bike Summit was a venue for inspiring and impactful conversations as well as announcements about the future of cycling in Ontario. A full summary will be available on our website soon. Until then, a few important highlights are outlined below.
Submit Your Feedback on the draft Provincial Cycling Network 

The Honourable Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation, delivered an update on key cycling projects at the 2017 Ontario Bike Summit. During his remarks, he announced that the draft Provincial Cycling Network had been posted on the Environmental Registry for public comment. You can view the interactive map online and submit your feedback until May 12th.
Tour by Bike: Ontario's Cycling Tourism Plan

The province's first cycling tourism plan was announced at this year's bike summit by The Honourable Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. During her breakfast keynote address, Minister McMahon outlined how this much needed plan will help to highlight Ontario's existing cycling amenities, while building support for cycling tourism opportunities across the province.

View the plan online here>>
Ontario150: Celebrate by Bike

In 2017, Share the Road has partnered with the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Ontario by Bike and the Greenbelt Foundation to celebrate Ontario150 by bike. Our 4 organizations are working together to inspire Ontarians to discover some of the best cycling in the world, in their own backyard. From the Great Lakes to the Greenbelt and the Great North, we want to enable residents of all ages to connect with their communities by bike. In addition to the community events and cycling itineraries being developed as part of this project, Share the Road will be leading a cycling education program focused on training thousands of youth across the province over the next few months. The purpose of this work is to help build a stronger cycling culture and a province where families feel safe and confident exploring by bike. Stay tuned to learn more.
1m Safe Passing Law Awareness Video

Our 1m safe passing law video is now available online. Thanks to generous support from the Ministry of Transportation and 8 partner municipalities, this video is available for everyone to use. Please visit our Vimeo page to view the video. You can download our 60 or 30 second clip directly from Vimeo by clicking on the "Download" button below the video, or you can share the link in your newsletter and on social media. We hope that this shared resource will help you raise awareness about road safety in your community.

If you require broadcast quality for a tv-spot, please connect with us and we can have that file forwarded to you. 

Click here to view the video>>
Bike Summit Profiles: The Co-operators
Maya Milardovic of The Co-operators with members of the Queen's Park All Party Cycling Caucus at the 2017 OBS
As a Canadian co-operative, one of our founding principles is Concern for Community.  As a provider of financial services we are strong advocates for building resilient communities across Canada.  Our partnership with Share the Road over the years stems from this joint passion for finding solutions to meet the needs and risks of cyclists in Ontario.
For us, cycling advocacy just makes sense.  Not only does it align with our efforts to promote a reduced carbon footprint, but it also encourages Canadians to engage in healthier lifestyles and to build safer neighbourhoods.  The 2017 Ontario Bike Summit (OBS) was an educational and inspiring opportunity to connect with likeminded advocates that challenge the status quo, which helps drives us to develop and offer the services that we do. 
At the OBS we highlighted Community Guard, a product we offer to non-profit organizations for insurance and risk solutions.  It is the dedication and hard work put forth by passionate advocates, many of whom are volunteers, that help drive change.  However often times, Commercial General Liability insurance does not adequately cover the unique and varying needs of these efforts.  In response, Community Guard offers affordable and holistic packages to ensure that organizations, regardless of the nature of their mission statement, are properly protected in the event claims are made. 
As we move into May, Bike Month is fast approaching - presenting additional opportunities to raise awareness surrounding the benefits of cycling and more simply put, to ‘just add bikes.’  The Co-operators proud to be part of Share the Road’s efforts, and we look forward to continuing the momentum witnessed at the 2017 Ontario Bike Summit. 
For more information, contact us at  Let’s talk about your organization’s needs!

Stakeholder Survey Results

In November, the Share the Road Cycling Coalition surveyed more than 360 cycling stakeholders from across Ontario. Ninety-five percent (95%) of respondents indicated that there has been momentum towards a more bicycle-friendly province over the past 3 years. Share the Road is committed to working with the province and stakeholders to ensure this momentum continues by advocating for future rounds of infrastructure funding, educational programs, the inclusion of paved shoulders on provincial roads and the launch of CycleON Action Plan 2.0. 
Click here to view a survey summary>>

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